Stocks Ponds, The Landing, Broomfleet, HU15 1

Postal Address Hull & District Anglers’ Association P.O Box 188 Hull HU9 1AN Telephone Contacts Derek Pye – 07811 897033 Andy Hall – 07463 806653 Alan Tunley – 07855 839909

Brickyard Pond holds some excellent fish stocks. There are tench over 6lb, bream over 12lb, roach and rudd over 1 3/4lb, carp over 35lb and pike over 20lb (a 34lb pike was caught in 1930's). In addition there are numerous small perch and eels. It is a very old and mature clay pit, surrounded by trees. Consequently there is a thick bed of silt over much of the bottom. The pond is split down the middle by a band of reeds, which now has several gaps through which the fish can migrate between the two areas. Depths fall off quickly from the margins and are generally between 10 and 15ft. There are two sunken roads, about 10ft wide, created during the excavation of the clay, which have little or no silt on them. They are around 7ft below the surface. There are also some clay features and bars in the second pond. In recent years work parties have resulted in vast improvements to the swims and paths. Ongoing maintenance aims to ensure that this fishery will continue to develop. In late 2010, 25 mirror carp in the 5-8lb range were introduced to augment the existing stocks and hopefully re-establish the venue as a viable carp fishery.

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