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Use this website to record your catches of fish. You can hide information from others, such as the bait used or the method used. View catches at specific venues. The first 50 people to register on our website will get 12 months membership absolutely free of charges with unlimited access. Note that you can register on the site without having to make a payment but you will only be able to view other people's catches; you won't be able to add your own. This will give you the opportunity to see how the site works. A full year's membership costs only £10

The World Of Screaming Reels

Tight Lines

This website is still in development. The aim is to have features to list venues, have a 'species of the week', 'fish of the week', 'species of the month', 'fish of the month', 'species of the year', 'fish of the year', and to allow users to log in and store their own information. This information will have the facility to be shared with the wider community.

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Our Background

Why Develop This Website?

Get Hooked is here for you due to the passion for fishing of the website owner, Stuart Stead.


After almost 20 years of non-fishing my grandson's desire to fish re-lit my passion for this awesome pastime. It's just over a year since I began to fish again, and it was because of this that I had a chance meet up with an old buddy whom I had not seen for years. Stuart Windress' passion for carp fishing quickly rubbed off on me and I soon also became 'hooked' on this amazing quarry.


As my experience and knowledge increase, I now feel that I need to keep an online record of the venues, the catches, the weather conditions, the methods, and the tackle and baits used to catch these beautiful fish. There will be an account of other species caught, not just carp if those fish have given me great pleasure in catching them.  The photos captured on my iPhone are increasing rapidly but I feel that a structure is needed to enable revisiting the catches over and over and to share those experiences with other anglers.


I appreciate that there are dozens, if not hundreds or maybe even thousands of ways to fish for carp, but my quest for knowledge will lead me in certain directions based on the fish caught and the venues fished. I'm not really interested in the match fishing that thousands of anglers enjoy; I'm more of a pleasure angler, but that doesn't mean that I don't take my angling seriously.



I take this opportunity to allow other anglers to use this website so that they too may have the chance to re-live the awesome experiences catching fish of any species. This will enable you to document your catches and to upload photos for each catch but to enable this you will have to subscribe to one of our subscription plans to be able to add your documented catches. 


Many of you will ask "Why do we have to pay a subscription"? The answer is that it costs money to run a website. We have to pay for our web space and when people are uploading high-quality images to document their catches our costs will soon soar!



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